Our Team is Committed to Deliver Excellence

Ritesh Bhandari

He is the soul of the company as the only professional in indian PEB industry for having unique combination of design ,production ,quality control and erection .having been a mentor of 160 peb professionals .he was head of design interarch ,head of operations richa industries and c.e.o Balarka .he has created a name of its own in northern PEB industry .having headed various peb companies and taking various companies to top brands he has decided to create his own company in order to give best suited PEB solutions . he is known for giving technical solutions to all challenges because of unique erection,fabrication and design knowledge. .he has the experience of 25 years in steel buildings and 20 years in peb with execution experience of 4000 buildings .ranging from 54 m high rise buildings to 150 ton crane buildings to 75 m clear span buildings .he knows what is the importance of specification in the life of buildings and performance of building. And have.


KP Singh

He has 15 years of experience in execution of PEB .started his career in erection and now heading PUNE manufacturing and western erection teams .he has created a mark of its own in the field of low cost CSD operations . He felt the need of creating an entity which can create excellence in steel building assembly which was a major flow Hence


Manoj Kumar

He started his career with Ritesh Bhandari and is he is having 12 years of experience in design .the team is working from last 8 years together..he was head of design in Richa Industries and has acquired specialized skills in MBS ,earthquake designs and various American and Indian codes .having experience of major complex projects he has excelled as the most technical sound design engineer in northern PEB industry with an experience of designing 1500 buildings .

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