The Foundation of Quality and Speed

Our commitment to delivering top-quality Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) begins at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We strategically operate two plants in Pune and Faridabad, ensuring optimal production capacity, geographical reach, and efficient project delivery.

Our Facilities

  • Pune Plant: Located in the industrial heart of Maharashtra, our Pune plant is a hub for cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship. It is equipped with advanced machinery for precise fabrication, welding, and assembly of PEB components.

  • Faridabad Plant: Situated in the National Capital Region (NCR), our Faridabad facility caters to the growing demand for PEB solutions in North India. This plant boasts modern infrastructure and streamlined processes for high-volume production.

Key Features of Our Facilities

  • Advanced Machinery: We invest in the latest CNC machines, automated welding systems, and other cutting-edge equipment to ensure accuracy, consistency, and speed in our manufacturing processes.

  • Skilled Workforce: Our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and skilled workers are trained in the best practices of PEB construction. They uphold strict quality standards at every stage of production.

  • Quality Control: We maintain a rigorous quality control system that encompasses material testing, process inspection, and final product checks. This ensures that every component meets our stringent quality benchmarks.

  • Safety First: We prioritize the safety of our workforce and maintain a safe working environment in our facilities. We adhere to stringent safety protocols and conduct regular training sessions to minimize risks.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Design and Engineering: Our in-house design and engineering teams utilize the latest software to create customized PEB solutions that meet specific project requirements.

  • Fabrication: We have the capability to fabricate a wide range of PEB components, including primary and secondary structural members, roofing and wall panels, and other accessories.

  • Assembly: Our skilled workers assemble the fabricated components into complete PEB structures with precision and efficiency.

  • Finishing: We offer various finishing options, including painting, galvanizing, and powder coating, to protect the PEB structures from corrosion and enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Commitment to Sustainability

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes. We optimize resource utilization, reduce waste generation, and recycle materials whenever possible.

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