Production, Planning & Control

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Production, Planning & Control

The PPC department can be called to be the controller of all the other departments of our plant because it keeps a check on at what point of time what kind of work and how much work according to the manpower available is to be given to a particular department. They also plan the releases as to how much tonnage is to be released on any given data. They also keep a proper record on daily, weekly, monthly basis that how much work is being done by which department and is it fulfilling the criteria or not so as to ensure proper meeting up of the targets assigned. We also got to know about the manufacturing processes that how they take place in a sequent manner in our plant. They also made us aware of the system that how a BOQ and drawings travels from the head office to the plant and then the work is actually distributed among the departments in the plant. The PPC department is using nesting software to prepare proper part marks for eg. We get HR plates in a standard width of 1500 mm so nesting software tells us that what sized plates should be cut from that so as to minimize the scrap, this job is also done by the PPC and is known as part marking. The entire job in the plant is done according to these part marks only. Also the job of maintaining the inventory of raw materials is done by the PPC department i.e. it has to keep a check on the quantity of raw materials available and has to ensure that sufficient quantity of material is always available. Also it has to take care of the transport availability for dispatching the materials. PPC department works in co ordination with the every department like with accounts department.

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